Matan Mintz performing on his cello made by Christopher Germain and Raymond Schryer.

The Craftsman, short film by Daniel Bowen Showing the process Christopher Germain making an instrument.

VSA/Oberlin Workshop Short Film

Articles, Publications, and Discussions from Christopher Germain:

Christopher Germain Leads Oberlin’s World-famous Violin Making Workshops into the Future, Strings Magazine, August 2020

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Print Me a Stradivarius: Oberlin Betts Panel Discussion, Library of Congress, April 2016

In focus: a 1927 ‘Stroh’ violin by Buffa Baretti, The Strad, September 2018

Diagnosing and Making Tonal Improvements to Stringed InstrumentsViolin Society of America; VSA Papers, Summer 2005

Dream Team: Remembering The Greatest Violin Experts That America Has Ever ProducedStrings Magazine, October 2007

Panel Discussion: Contemporary Viola MakingViolin Society of America Journal, Summer 2007

Violin Making In the American Heartland and the West CoastViolin Society of America Journal, Summer 2007

In Focus: Gabriel Marc Francois, The Strad, November 2008

The Ultimate Makeover, Strings Magazine, October 2008

Varnishing Act, Strings Magazine, May 2008

Creme de CremonaThe Strad, January 2010

Panel Discussion: The Subject of Antiquing Instruments, Violin Society of America Journal, Summer 2011

Collective Good, The Strad, November 2012

The Craftsman, 34th Street Magazine, February 2012

Nocturnal Activities, The Strad, November 2003

Open Studio, Strings Magazine, April 2003